Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter from Sister Taylor 04/07/14

Wow! I cannot believe how fast these past 2 months have gone by! Seriously... I really hope my mission does not go by this fast... lol

First off! Congratulations Grant and Chris on your new jobs!!! You are grownups now!!! haha a thousand miles away and I can still be your annoying little sister lol! Love you! 

Okay so some information! I get to Skype yall on Mother’s Day! Yay!! lol I only get 40 minutes... But melhor que nada! Oops portuguese... That means Better than nothing! I don’t have details on exactly what time! But, I am hoping they will coordinate with you! Make sure aizy and adam are there please! I just want to see if she looks the same! lol I want grant and chris there too obviously! But, if they don’t coordinate with you then send me the Skype name that yall have and just have skype open and on loud all day! lol I can’t wait to see you guys! 

Okay, so my week was better with companions because we got a new sister and I am not with my trainer anymore.. lol she is super sweet to me now! Which is good. I think she is just really stressed about going home so she had a really low tolerance of questions! But, my new companion is sooo great I love her! Her name is Sister Mariz! We like to sing when we walk! I taught her that song about marching ant’s one by one blahh blahh blahh! She really likes that one. We were hoping to have a week of excellence this week but the girl we were working with said she wouldn’t be at church Sunday because of a family reunion... mehh!!! haha so no baptism this week...and I found out that our baptism last week was the first baptism in years... apparently this area is realllyyyyy hard for missionaries... great! lol I like a challenge though! The hardest thing here and i think in all missions is lessons with members... we need at least 12 a week... and I never knew that before the mission. So one thing I need you guys to do is help the missionaries!!! Maybe once a month teach a lesson with them or something.. We only had 2 this week... So, our week was a little bit discouraging but I decided to look at the good! We had to miracles this week!

First, we had been walking all day... seriously like 30 miles total and we were soooo tired. But, we had and hour left to do contacting... and that is sooo hard when you’re tired because you want to do those with a smile! Well we had a lot of contacts that day and really wanted a lesson... but we were all the way in the sister 10 min from our house and really did not want to walk 5 miles in the dark to someone’s house that may or may not want to hear our message. So, we were looking for open windows of apartments and could not find ANY... Well, I heard a little kid and looked down an entry on one of the streets and there was a window and a light and a couch. A HOUSE! yay! it looked like a store but it was a house! So, we clapped and clapped and clapped and nothing... ohh btw they DO NOT knock on doors here. This is super rude! You MUST clap your hands like your calling for a dog. haha its very different. Well, we were down a little bit and started to walk away but a man with groceries was right behind us. It was HIS house! We asked if he wanted to hear our message and he said YES. YAY!! lol we taught he and his wife and they were really interested... but they are almost never home at the same time... so I guess we will see what happens! The important thing is that we got to teach the last lesson that we needed for that day! It was perfect!

Second, we need 3 pesquisadors at church each Sunday. Well, this week was Conferencia Geral! Like, the best week to invite people because we hear from our prophet... and Saturday came and NOT one person showed up... we literally invited EVERY single person we talked to and nothing... we had at least 10 people say they would come and nada... So, after the first session on Saturday, some kids were singing and playing guitar and I got to listen for a little bit. They started singing American songs like Bruno Mars and stuff. I started to miss home and it got worse as the time went on... I told Sister Mariz that we needed to leave because I need to stop listening lol so we left and I was feeling down and Sister Mariz said I need to do contacts right now... I was NOT in the mood. and there were no people around but believe me she found a person and I did my contact and immediately I felt better! It was crazy! Then the next day! Guess what, That contact showed up at church! It was truly a milagre! lol

Okay, so dad mentioned something about a package! Which is NOT necessary but if yall insist! lol I really want syrup! They don’t have that here! I made French toast and then realized they don’t have syrup here... lol and Maybe SOUR GUMMY WORMS! The gummies here taste like medicine... lol and one last thing! Peanut Butter! They have nutella here which is soooo good but it costs sooooo much money for the smallest bottle you have ever seen in your life! SO, I would take nutella or peanut butter! Thank you soo much! I love you guys!

Btw, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!! I know your bday is tomorrow but I won’t be able to email you! I am sending you a letter that probably won’t get to you for a couple of months! lol I love you so much and thank you for being the best dad in the whole world! Thank you for raising me in the gospel and never giving up on me. Thank you for always teaching me to do what’s right and thank you for always calling me your little princess. That will never get old! I love you so much and I hope your bday is amazing!!!! 

Btw, conference was all in portugeuse and I understood ALL of it!! Crazy I know! lol and I took notes!!! Lol this is crazy how much i have learned already!

I love each of you boys so much! I love you Mommy and I love you Daddy! lol Please send my love to all my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents! All of them have definitely helped me become who I am today! So, thank you! I love yall sooo much! Until next week!!

Amo Sempre, 
      Sister Taylor

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