Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 31, 2014

I love you guys! I want to tell you so much! There is never enough time! It was a rough week this week but I pushed through! We walked about 25 miles yesterday!!! I did 54 contacts and we received a week of excellence!! I don’t know if you know what that is! Maybe the boys know! I will explain next email if you don’t! It’s something’s you only receive through lots and lots of work! And I got one! Yay! Ha-ha you need to meet a certain number of requirements! We worked really hard this week! When you get 3 weeks of excellence then you receive a certificate and when you get 3 certificates then you get a cute little barouche! It’s only my second weekend I have one! I am so excited! Yay! My companions keep joking that I will be sister training leader my next transfer! lol they are funny! I don’t know Portuguese well enough for that! But I am really excited! We have 4 girls living in an apartment the size of your room mom! lol it wasn’t so bad with 3 but I have no idea how 4 will work out! Anyways! I have sooo many blisters lol my new shoes are perfect but no pair of shoes will stop the amount of blisters you get from walking 20 miles a day! It’s just bound to happen! I am taking care of them and making sure they don’t get infected! I love you!

These are pictures from the Provo MTC I will send pictures from Brazil next week!



  1. Thank You Sister Taylor for your wonderful sense of humor! I love reading your post. SO what happen with your fashion show? How did it turn out? your mom is a great YW president!

  2. Love you keep your spirit high our thoughts and prayers are with you love aunt jeri I love you messages and pictures have another perfect week keep your spirits high you are a beautiful daughter of our heavenly father and a great neice love you:)