Friday, February 21, 2014

2/21/2014 email from Sister Taylor
Well, It is Pday again!

I went to the temple again today and it was soo much better for some reason. I still couldn’t get a picture but google a picture of this temple and you will see what I am talking about. Seriously I LOVE this temple. I didn’t plan this, but I ended up saying prayers for everyone individually, and it may have taken up an hour in the celestial room. I went through for a Person named Alice Maud and I have no idea who she is, but the weirdest thing happened and she was there. Don’t think I am crazy but I felt like she was. We may have stayed up a little late last night and all of the girls were falling asleep. I seriously could not fall asleep. I felt like I should treat this like it was my first time. I kept thinking that if I fell asleep then she would miss something. And you know what I am so glad I didn’t. I realized some special things that I never noticed before. And that occurred to me like every other minute. lol it was crazy. So my temple experience was let’s just said amazing!
Okay so my CTM experience. It is super hard to get used to. And the only time I can EVER not wear shoes is when I am changing at the temple so I look forward to that every week ha-ha but I sleep with no covers because it’s so hot. It is started to be their winter so last night I had to use a small sheet but that’s it. Hopefully it gets colder because all of my pjs are sweat pants... yay. Let’s start back at last pday it was amazing. We went into the city a little bit they have everything for sooo cheap. We met so many new ppl. But we get pday for like 4 hours and then it’s back to a regular day lol so we had to hurry. They have this cookie place called Mr. Cheney’s I think. It’s literally right across the street from the CTM and YOU meaning mom and dad ha-ha can call and have a certificate given to me for a free cookie or they even do pizza. It was started by missionary that served here and now it’s super popular. It’s so cool! One of our missionaries Elder Sargeant got a gift certificate from his mom for a pizza and soda and cookies from there and we all really enjoyed that lol. My whole district leaves next week and I still don’t have a companion so idk what they are going to do with me. So yes that means I have been in an advanced class once again...I thought that stuff was over with lol. Anyways they are all soo great. It’s been hard to work in a three some but I think we got the hang of it. Then on Sunday we had a great day and watched 17 miracles for the first time for me. SERIOUSLY GO WATCH THAT MOVIE. lol it was great. then the gospel doctrine class was about the plan of salvation. on Tuesday we sang at the devotional and then on Thursday, last night, we got to eat Japanese food. um what. lol yes Japanese. apparently a lot of brazil has Japanese heritage and yesterday was the independence day for Japan. Seriously they celebrate japans I-day and not The U.S. lol but that okay. ha-ha the food was sooo good. They NEVER have noodles or SUSHI and they had some. It actually tasted good. well I don’t really remember what good tastes like lol it was just good compared to normal. we just eat what they give us. I got sick Sunday again...It was terrible. but don’t worry and I completely fine now. I have been blessed to only be sick twice and both times it only lasted a few hours out of one day. So it was a good experience. and I hope I never have to go through that again. they said it was called some traverls sickness idk. But then today was soo great. You guys already know that. I just hope everyone knows how much I love them. I pray for you guys all the time.

LOVE always, Sister Taylor

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