Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 28, 2014
Hi Everyone,
I can’t believe our ward is splitting! That is soo crazy! I am happy and sad.
But this week has been kind of weird and crazy! So I got a new companion. Sister Neal! She is soo sweet and soo smiley! She’s a chicken in a barrel ha-ha I’m just kidding with the country saying. LOL Everyone says I have a country accent and I don’t. They are just weird. Anyway, Sister Neal was in Provo for 5 days. So she was like how I was with the other sisters. It is now my 4th week and she is on her first. LOL So I get to help her out because I know exactly how she feels. Our lessons are a little well umm iffy. Lol because I do all the talking in chopped up Portuguese. But it’s something to work on and definitely something I needed. We are now moved to another district. My old district leaves this Tuesday. I leave to Porto Alegre on March 18th! I can’t believe this went by so fast. Well my new district has PDAY ON WEDNESDAYS. Which means I am going to the temple this Wednesday and I get to email again on Wednesday? I am now used to the climate! Finally! But I still get hot super easily. They said if you want to send a package to my mission home then that is fine but I won’t be at my mission home until March 18th... Letters only take 8 days to get here so you can send those! But packages just take forever and I don’t know why. For anyone who wants to send me letters please do! Mail is the one thing that EVERYONE looks forward too. It takes about 8 days and I am here for another 3 weeks... So SEND, SEND, SEND! Lol I definitely picked up the gist of Portuguese. The hard part is the conjugation! But I will get it! Today we are all going out for cookie milkshakes at Mr. Cheney’s! It’s going to be soo good! Lol I can’t wait!
I miss you guys bunches and Please send my love to everyone!
Sister Taylor

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