Thursday, June 19, 2014

From Kari April 22, 2014

 Okay a huge thing of nutella because sister sheppard is amazing and I love her! lol this was about a month ago! 
                                                       At Airport leaving CTM
                                                  This district were these three goofballs!
                                                             Friends at CTM
                                                              More of the Twins
                                                               Leaving CTM
                                           yes they are twins and were both called to brasil!

                      These were the only other English speaking sisters! lol one from Australia                
                     and the other from Provo Utah! but she was born in brazil! i know crazy!
                                                      picture of me a sister sheppard
                                                   Another picture of me a sister sheppard
                                                               Friends at CTM
                                                           More Friends at CTM
                                                                 Senior companions
                                                             More of Senior Companions
                                        They were soo sweet and amazing! i will miss them!
                                                    One of my instructor Irmao Martins
                                                                      Lots of Friends
                                                               More Friends at CTM
                                                                   Another Instructor!
                                                             So new many friends!
                                                                 Last Day at CTM
                                                        More of my last day at CTM
                                                                 Love these Sisters!

                                                        picture of my companion Sis Neal!
                                                   Picture of my companion Sis Neal at CTM
                                                                picture of my district!
                                                         Another picture of my district!
                                                                  More of my District

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