Thursday, June 19, 2014


I finally got the picture thing down! woo hooO! I haven’t gotten my package yet because i can’t receive packages until a zone meeting in 2 weeks! lol but thank you for sending one! Congrats Grant and Brittany! i am so excited and Grant the temple open House was a perfect place to do it! you are soo smart! Love you all so much! I hope you enjoy the pictures! I will send a long email next week! lol love yall

So, the rain here is sooo weird.. they have a lot  of electrical rain and when it rains it just pours! This is what happened before we could even get out our umbrellas! sooo ugly.. lol but it felt soo good!

This is a dead spider... haha it is the size of my hand.. so scary! And me holding a puppy at a members house! it was sooo cute and it followed me everywhere! the other is me walking on the side of the road! this is a pic after it rained! Gorg!

This place is beautiful! I know! haha

This is more scenery! and that ice cube in my hand came from the sky! This is the size of hail that they get here! but don't worry when it hails we have to stay under a covered area!!

This is me at subway! I know right! and a super huge butterfly! and the beautiful scenery that I get to look at every single day! lol be jealous!

These are pics from the baptism of Jackson! He is 15 years old! Adorbs! And I made him brownies! Brownies is not a huge thing here! but everybody LOVED IT and asked form the recipe! lol It was funny! and the other pic is of a roach on our wall! he was the size of my hand.. no joke! hahah

pics are of my tan lines from week one and week two... lol

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