Sunday, August 3, 2014


Today was a day of transfers and guess what! I won’t be transferred! lol I will be here again! This area is a little bit sketchy.. But, I think we can handle it! Sister Mariz will be my companion again! YAY! Coisa Boa! lol I love her! My week this week was super good! Until... lol I stepped on the scale... can someone please tell me the difference between a pound and a kilo! lol because apparently a kilo is a lot of weight... I have gained 3 kilos since I have been out here... but, I haven’t gained any inches on my waist... its sooo strange! I am pretty sure everything went straight to my bottom... lol great... But anyways! They have a lot of delicious food here! I have some recipes that I am soo ready to try! Desserts especially!!!


OKayy, By the way the seasons are switched and it is starting to get really cold here! It’s a bummer because in the morning it is soooo cold and then during the day we have to carry our huge jackets in the blazing sun... lol but ta bom! okay, so I was thinking about what I wanted to write you guys this week and I thought about the differences between home and brazil besides the whole I am a missionary part lol!

So, First they have this thing called the onibus and that’s the main transportation here. Not many people have cars. They have these huge buses that they pack TONS of people in and travel to another birro or another cidade! We can use these but I like walking so we usually don’t. They are like 3r so like a dollar in US for a ride on the onibus but it usually smells lol! 

Second, fast food does not exist here... they have burger king and mc Donald’s but those places are restaurants and they are only used for special occasions! And they are soooo expensive. I am talking 20 US dollars for a big mac with fries.... ridiculous! so, I won’t be eating at McDonalds for a while! lol 

Third... women are very... umm open about breastfeeding... lol Its like a normal thing to just breast feed in the middle of a conversation or in the middle of the street or in a store. and no they don’t use a covering... like I have seen a lot of things that I just don’t want to see. lol 

4th they have a profession here that is not illegal and in the united states this profession would be called a hooker... on the side of the road... they do it soo discrete here though. You see a woman with a dress that is even the slightest bit short and she is a hooker... seriously... men just walk up and it looks like a normal conversation and then he walks away... and then the women enters a store for about 5 minutes and the next thing you know she comes out of the store and follows the man staying about 30 ft behind him. If you are a normal person you wouldn’t think anything of it. But, if you watch for this then you would see it happening soooo many times... its soo gross... and am so glad this is illegal in the US. I know people still do it. but it’s not as often.

5ht! they have the coolest cobblestone roads! They remind me of St. Augustine and they are soo cool. They have more of this here than they do pavement! It really cool

6th apartments here are for rich people and houses here are for poor people. So, strange! But, apartments are soo expensive; they have safety, and not much upkeep. Houses here are made of just wood. I see SOME with brick. but we went into a rich neighborhood and every house was like our neighborhood mom and dad. Like every house! this is not normal... they call these people Ricas! And it’s true because they are all rich if they have a house like this. 


OKayy Therese just a few differences! But some things for you guys! Next week I get to call mom for about ten minutes to talk about how to set up Skype! Will be able to Skype for 40 min. So, we have to hurry and set things up in those ten minutes! Maybe you guys can get a head start! I don’t know what day I will call but I will! Then I get to Skype on mother’s day. not this Sunday but the next! 

Okay, So I want a big blow up head of me at both the weddings of grant in chris! seriously! I want the BE there... lol Mom you can look up cute pics of missionaries on missions when their brothers got married! but I at least want a picture of me with them! lol 

Mom! I want some more pictures of the family! some of the grandparents and of me and Brittany and me and Victoria! you can use that cite that you email to! 

Oh and hits week we taught two new different houses of investigators and guess what! Both the houses had desserts for us!! woo hooo!! My week was soo good!!! I love yall so much! be safe! CTR! Remember who you are! haha jk Sorry mom I had to! love you guys!!!


Amor Sempre, 

      Sister Taylor


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