Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 7, 2014


Hayy yall! (Still southern)


Okay, so first I want to tell you all about the chocolate cake miracle! So, last Sunday our lunch fell through and we had only milk and cheese in our apartment... And we wanted to keep the Sabbath day holy! So, we didn’t want to buy anything! So, we went to 3 different members housing trying to see if one of them would offer us food! And we really wanted chocolate cake but we would have settled for anything sweet! lol And guess what! NONE of them offered even normal food... and we felt really guilty if we asked so we left one members house at 8pm and started to walk home. I said a prayer to help us eat SOMETHING! And we had a plan to just go to the next open market and buy something to eat! We were soo ready to do that! But, guess what... it was a Sunday night at 8pm... and NOTHING was open... so we continued walking and while Sister Oliveira was on the phone I saw a bakery! A bakery that I have never before seen in my life and the first thing I thought was to run inside and just eat EVERYTHING! But, the closer we got to the bakery the worse I felt about entering!! I told myself that we CANNOT enter this bakery. I knew that if I was willing to keep ALL of the commandment the Lord would truly bless us. So, we didn’t end up entering the bakery. But, on the way home we thought about Irmão Carlos who always comes to church! And he wasn´t there with his wife that day! So, we planned to just drop by and see if he was okay! And when we got there he asked us to come in! That day was his Wife’s birthday and they traveled to a different city to celebrate with their kids! Well, we sat down exhausted and he asked if we wanted something to eat pulling out the biggest chocolate cake that I have ever seen in my life. Me and Sister Oliveira looked at each other and seriously almost started crying. I have never experienced a miracle like this before. I know it’s just a simple chocolate cake, but that was exactly what we asked for in our prayer. And we only got that because we kept the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy! I am soo grateful for the members here! And I know that Heavenly Father truly does answer our prayers!


Okay, now about the baptism of the twins! They are soo adorable! They have all the 10 commandments memorized and you can ask them to teach someone all of the lessons and they could do it! They are soo smart! And they were the ones who asked US if they could be baptized! It was the coolest thing ever! We are working with this family to baptize all of them! But till have to be one by one! I made brownies for them from scratch! And I am pretty sure it turned out okay! lol


This week was A LOT OF WORK! But I know what if we don’t work hard we will never see a change! I love all of you back home! I am soo happy helping others! I hope you all are doing well! Never stop serving your life missions! Love you guys!

Sempre com Amor,

        Sister Taylor


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