Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hi everyone! I am so sorry this email will be super short! But, we found out that we will be transferred! I talked to President and told him how amazing Sister Mariz is. And now she will train!! YAY!!! haha I am so happy for her! I have no idea where I will end up! But I will find out 2morrow at the bus stop! lol This week was pretty good! I love this area and I am so sad to leave. The people in this ward are so great! so today we got permission to email early because we are all going to travel to Forquetinha. And there is a pesquisador there that owns a lot of property. She is super sweet and invited us to come out. She has cows and pigs and chickens and stuff. She has a waterfall that starts on her land! I will take a TON of photos! I did my hair and makeup today for the photos! Hopefully they turn out okay! I love you all so so much! Remember to always study the scriptures! not just read but study!! There are photos here of a banana tree just because! and me with a statue! I thought I was funny! lol but now it’s a little creepy!! love yall!


Love always,


 Sister Taylor


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