Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 9, 2014

Hi everybody! So, our last Pday in lajeado was soo great! We all went to the home of one of our investigators. She has a waterfall on her property! So, of course I get a little dressed up to take photos. Not knowing that we had to travel through the AMAZON to get to the waterfall! lol So, we walk for 30min cutting down branches climbing on trees shuffling over rocks in the water and finally arrive at the waterfall. We only got to the small part of it. She said there is HUGE waterfall is we walk 5 minutes more. The problem was that we had to climb a rock wall to get to it. And it was super dangerous... so we only took pictures at the little one. But, it was still fun! I managed to get through everything without getting dirty! lol I will try to send some photos! Also, I was the only Sister that was being transferred so the other sisters weren’t too worried about having to pack... So, we get back and I had one member invite us over for dessert because I was leaving and it was soo good! I told her I would be transferred to Portão! And guess what! Her brother is the Branch President here! small world! So, after dessert we get back to the house and I get a phone call to run downstairs. One of the members in our ward in Lajeado bought a funky cup for me. lol it’s called a cuia! And it’s used to drink that funky green stuff that I already sent a picture of a couple weeks ago! Anyway it was sooo sweet! So, after he left we decided to order Pizza and when it arrived we had another member at the door. It was a family in the ward. And for their FHE they decided to make me a bunch of stuff. I seriously LOVE them! I LOVED that ward and I really did not want to leave! Seriously... lol But, now for my week this week! I arrived here and our apartment is HUGE compared to the last one. My new companion is Sister Oliveira and it’s just us two in this area! So, she is seriously like the same person! We have sooo many things in common!! And both of us love to laugh so it’s pretty much perfect! This week we met a family of 8 people! One of them was baptized last Sunday! But, it was the Sunday before I got here! The parents just need to get married! So, the dad is SUPER funny! But, he thinks that if he is baptized he won’t be able to do anything the same. He thinks that we can’t go hunting and that he can’t do his rodeo shows that he does! I explained to him that we CAN do all those things! lol I told him that Dad has a bunch of guns and that he goes hunting all the time! I want to ask if you guys can maybe send a photo of Dad and his guns! The Dad of this family also doesn’t want to get married to the woman he has 8 children with because he thinks they will get separated if they get married... ugh! lol We will continue to work with him! There are so many great people here and I am soo excited to get to know them! I love my new companion! And this area is not nearly as much walking as the last one! So, get ready to gain weight Sister Taylor... lol My companion likes to run too! So, she is going to buy running shoes today for that!! I will try to upload photos but this internet connection today is horrible!! I love you guys so much! For those on a mission, just keeping pushing forward! This work is definitely needed!! And for those at home, you guys are missionaries too!! Just do your best and the blessings will just pour out!! I can promise you that! Tell the family I love them!!


Love always,

          Sister Taylor







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