Sunday, August 3, 2014

June 16, 2014

My 2nd Companion Sister Oliveira

Oi, para minha familia e todos de meus amigos!


Hi, everybody!


This week was super great! We had 7 new investigators at church this week. Our week started off with The World Cup and of course we can’t watch it... soo we had to stay in our apartment practically the whole day... This whole world cup thing is kind of bursting my little bubble of happiness. So, every single day that Brasil plays in this cup thingy, we have to stay in our apartment. Which means we can’t work... it is sooo lame! But, it does mean that when we do get to work, we work hard. So, I honestly don’t remember if I told you all about this family we are teaching. But, it’s a family of 8 people and the Dad is super funny! He is the one in the picture dressed all funny. Those clothes are tradition in this city. It’s pretty weird, but cool at the same time. Anyway, he does rodeos on Sundays but this past Sunday was the last one of the season. And guess what! He said he wants to come to church the next Sunday! I can’t wait for that! Because he will see that we are normal people! lol So, the mom of the family and 5 of the kids went to church. That was 6 of the 7 that were at church. The other investigator is in the other picture! She has 74 years and her companion (not married but live together) has 43 years. The other person in the picture is her son. He has 28 years. She will go to church every single Sunday. And she wants to be baptized but we have to get them to get married first. The son has some difficulties that he wants to work on before he goes to church. But, we are trying! One thing we have heard a lot this week is that people are seeing weird things in their houses... I don’t know how to explain but we have just heard that a lot this week. So, we have member that is super funny and his wife is not a member but she has depression. Well, she said that she started having depression when they moved into this house. So, me and Sister Oliveira had the idea of getting a priesthood holder (a man who has permission to act in God’s name) to come to their house and give a dedicatory blessing (Which is like a praying to help people in the house feel comfort and for the house to also be filled with Gods presence). The prayer was soooo cool. And she felt really good about it! We will visit them this week to see how they are doing! We are working with tons of people to get them baptized! We even had another person at church that is a friend of a member and he wants to take lessons! This whole world cup thing has really turned out for the better! I want everyone back home to know how much I truly love them. I really do know for sure that this gospel is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know how much happiness this gospel brings to people. And I know that every single person deserves this opportunity! I love my family, my friends, and those I haven’t met yet! Remember to just "ask and ye shall receive"!


Sempre com amor, 

                Sister Taylor

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