Sunday, August 3, 2014

July 21, 2014

Happy amazing week everyone!!​!

Hay yall!


Things on the mission are soo great! It’s starting to get a little difficult to switch back and forth from English to Portuguese! But, emailing is good practice! So, this week I received a greenie! lol Minha filha! She is Brazilian and she is sooo great! I really wanted to train a Brazilian so I am super glad I got her! lol She did a mini mission for one transfer in her city back home so she has some experience! But, she said it was super difficult without the training of the MTC. Which totally makes sense! She talks with real intention. She is soo spunky and outgoing! She loves to talk to people and get to know them which are such a great quality! We get along really well! We are still in training because she has a lot to learn still. But, seriously she is already almost there! And I am soo happy for that! This week we worked really hard. We didn’t have a full week because of transfers and everything but I was great! Her name is Sister Terrazas (Tay.ha.zas.)!


So, this week we were working with that family that I told you all about! They are soo sweet! They really want to be baptized and stay firm in the gospel. The only problem is that are ready to get married yet. But, seriously they are soo ready to be married! They have soo much love for one another and they really do help each other! They remind me a lot of Mom and Dad! haha Its perfect! So, we were in their house yesterday talking about The Book of Mormon. We all read together in 3 Nephi Chap. 11 when Jesus Cristo came to the Americas! And it talks A LOT about baptism. They both started crying because they felt the spirit so strongly! I know that they feel good about it! We asked them exactly how was their response to their prayer about Joseph Smith and about everything we taught. They said that the first response was when Sister Oliveira and I left their house after the first visit. They said that immediately they felt the absence of something. Which was the spirit! They then told us that their responses were really clear! They know that The Gospel is true. They want our help to teach them more about marriage in the temple. I thought a lot this week about our purpose as missionaries. Our purpose isn’t just to have more baptisms than the other missionary. Our purpose is to really help families be sealed together for eternity! I know how important that day is. I haven´t experienced that yet but I can feel how important that is. Especially with this family! They are soo great! I can’t wait to help them get married in the temple. All I can say is that I know for certainty that day will come for them. I KNOW that it will. It may not be me that baptizes them but when that day comes it will ALL be worth it. 


For those who have been sealed in the temple or watched a temple sealing, you all know how beautiful that day is! I want to invite you all to share that experience with a youth or a friend. I promise you that they will feel the spirit. You don’t need to say details. Just express why that day was soo important to you!


Thank you all for your examples! I love each and every one of you!


Sempre com amor,

           Sister Tayor

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