Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hi everybody!

This week was super great! We had a TON of work to do! I hope Fathers Day was great for all those Dads and those future Dads too! 

I especially want to say Happy Fathers Day to my Daddy! Thank you soo much for always being a Dad I could look up to. You were always someone who put aside work just to play with us. And you made sooo many sacrifices to support our family! I know that Every Daddy needs a baby doll and every Baby doll needs a Daddy! lol maybe not a Dad who teaches his baby doll that the Little Red Riding hood pulled out a machete and skinned the bears. But, only because that’s my daddy! And the other baby dolls can’t have him! lol I really hope you enjoyed your day yesterday!

I want to say Happy Fathers Day to ALL of my Grandpas and Uncles! But, especially to my brother Adam! I am so proud of the Dad you have become and the example you set for your daughter! You follow Dads footsteps. And hey, I didn’t turn out too bad, right? lol Keep doing what you all do! I see the happiness that your families bring in your lives! I love you all so much!

Okay, so this week was a tough one! But, we got through it! A lot of our appointments fell through! But, the ones that didn’t were PERFECT! We met 3 new FAMILIES this week. I LOVE teaching families because that is our purpose right? Bring families together for eternity! And that’s exactly what we are doing! Mom, Gisele told me that she added you on Face book and that you have been conversing with her! That is soo great! I love that you are becoming friends! You can get juicy details from her about the mission life! lol And your other friend took a video of me that I later found out that you put of Face book! Great! lol Sorry, I started speaking in Portuguese because it was really hard to speak in English!

Anyways, this week we traveled to Porte Alegre for a MISSION TOUR! We got to hear from Elder Leal and his Wife! They are super great! They gave us sooo much advice about teaching and meeting new people! And literally talked about EVERYTHING that I needed to hear! It was such a spiritual day! I LOVED it! I wish I could have videotaped it and send it to you guys! But, one thing that his wife talked about is Family History! I seriously used to think that it was soo boring! But, seriously it’s not! I could have soo many more baptisms on my mission just by teaching about family history! lol She traced her family history all the way back to Adam and Eve... seriously... she showed us... What a powerful woman! lol I am soo ready to start doing that work when I get home! But, guess who can help me! ALL OF YOU!! I really would like help from you guys to start a lot of the work that Grandma has done! So, when I come home I can start helping! DO THE WORK! It soo worth it! 

Well, I don’t have much time! Today really isn’t our pday! Because tomorrow we will be going to the temple!! And I will take a TON of photos! lol I am soo excited! I love each and every one of you!! Never stop learning! Because the learning never stops coming!!


Sempre com amor,

            Sister Taylor 


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