Friday, October 24, 2014


Well hayy everybody,


This week was such a great week! I really had a fun time with my companion and we took lots of photos this week! Transfers are coming up next week and I am excited to see what happens!

Anyways, I learned something really really important this week; obedience. Why do I have to obey every single rule on my mission and in my life? Why can’t I wake up at 6:35? 


Because if I wake up late, that means I won’t do my best to really exercise and if I take my time to exercise I will start to get lazy and I would take a bath really slowly. And if I take a bath really slowly then I will cut into my study time and distract others. If I didn’t study a lot then I have nothing to share with my companion during companionship study. And if we don’t have anything to study, we could end up goofing off and not studying our language also! Then, we would be late for lunch and our whole day would be late! Maybe we pass the street at 11:15 instead of 11:10 and that one person ready to hear the gospel already passed by. Okay, maybe God would give us another chance and put someone else on the street that was ready to hear our message. But, we were too busy laughing and talking and goofing off that we didn’t even notice that person pass by. Then we lost another soul that was ready to be saved. And a lot of times we think, "Oh it’s just one person, no big deal". But that is a big deal. What if we were the only chance that person had. What if our salvation is affected because of that one person? What if I made a promise with that person that I would talk to them and teach them the gospel before this life and I didn’t do my part? Maybe they would have accepted and maybe not. But that is something they would have to deal with. Those 5 extra minutes that I spent sleeping in, could affect the salvation of just one person. And maybe my purpose in life was just to talk to that one person and I didn’t. 


I like to think about this as a member of the church too. What if I had the opportunity to teach a friend or a neighbor or even a family member and I didn’t. What if my purpose in life was just to talk to that one person and I didn’t even do my part. I know how difficult it is to just go out there and share the gospel. But, I have learned that it really isn’t that difficult. As missionaries, we do at the least, 120 contacts in a week. That is the smallest number that we can have. And our branch has talked a lot about missionary work! We learned that nearly 90 percent of recent converts that stayed firm in the church were references. And nearly 80 percent of them really stayed firm in the church. Out of the other 10 percent, only 2 percent stayed firm in the church. That number is sooo large! So maybe you ask why that number is soo large. Because Gordon B. Hinckley said a new convert needs 3 things! A calling, a friend, and the influence of the gospel (lessons). If someone has a friend who is a member of the church, they already have two of the three things that they need! And they are more likely to stay firm in their decision if they have another person pushing them to be better. I wanted to invite my family and friends to do this goal with this branch here in Santa Cruz. They have a goal for each person to do 3 contacts in a week. 3 friends that maybe need the gospel in their life. Maybe these three will all accept, maybe none of them will accept the gospel. But, you would feel satisfied knowing that you at least did your part! By doing this, I promise that you will end up inviting those people that you already promised! I love each and every one of you! Have an amazing week and read D&C 24:12!


Sempre com amor,

                     Sister Taylor

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