Friday, October 24, 2014


Hayy yall!

This week was super awesome, yet stressful!

So, the first photo is for mom! I bought a new dress for 7 dollars! lol Mommy taught me well!

The other one is a selfie! just because I wanted to! But the one with that big church is a catholic church that is super super huge and is in the middle of the city! So, we took a picture! lol One day it will be a temple! jk jk! lol

Anyways, so we found out that our investigator isn’t legally married!!! So, we get to plan a wedding in a week! That’s so perfect right?! A whole week... haha We can make it work! 

Yesterday, we had a meeting with our District, because we aren’t a stake yet and we are a branch also so The Mission president is over our District! But, he announced that bc of our work we he sent papers to the prophet this week for this disctrict to become a stake!!! Woo hooo!!!! I am soo excited! Sister Wright and President Wright are the cutest things ever!! 

Also, we found out that the baptism of our investigators will be on Sunday! 

Sister missionary conference is this Wednesday! and OH! and one more thing to top everything off is that we may or may not be moving houses this week!

This week will go by sooo soo fast! I am super excited for all of this!! Sorry this email is soo short this week!!! The Maid of Honor gets to do everything right... Yup she asked me to be the MOH.... yay...! lol no really I am excited! i love you all ssooo soo much! I will right more next week!!!



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