Friday, October 24, 2014


This week was awesome because of CONFERENCE!!!!


I absolutely LOVE conference! I know that sounds weird! But, that is something I have truly grown to love on my mission! I really never realized how great of an opportunity that is! To get to hear the Prophet of the Lord! I hope all of you got to watch conference this week! I pretty much learned the whole gospel again in 2 days! lol they all had soo many inspiring words! I took lots of notes! 

Anyways, So I found out that I won’t get to see this wedding that I helped put to together! I don’t know where I will go, but I know that wherever it is, they are needing me! lol I am soo glad that I get to see a new area! I loved this one, and I love all of these families we are meeting! 

I don’t have a lot that I could say this week that would compare to General Conference! But, I just hope that all of you go the chance to watch it! If not! PLEASE GO WATCH IT!! If you have time, just watch one talk at a time! It will truly be worth it! I didn’t get to watch the Relief society! So, if anyone wants to give me some details about that! That would be great! loll
I just wanted to let everyone know I am so happy here! And that I truly love all of you! 

A special shout out to my new Sister Brittany! I love you girl!

And to my beautiful niece aizy! I missed you soo soo much this week! And don’t have forget what king of heart you have!!!

Sempre com amor,

            Sister Taylor


p.s. These are some photos from my friend that was in the MTC with me in Provo! She didn’t get her visa and ended up serving in independence, Missouri! She is here now!! how cool! The other photos are of our district!


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