Sunday, October 26, 2014


Hayy everyone! Sorry I haven´t been able to write a long email! But, This week was a great week! We got a lot accomplished! Lol
So, this week started out super great knowing that my brother Chris will be marrying such an amazing person Jodee! She is super perfect! lol Congrats! (Someone give me her email so I can send her weekly emails too) 
And our Pday was just FULL of rain!! We had planned to play basketball and soccer but it started pouring down rain! So guess what! We played anyways! We got soaked but it was soo worth it! The next day I woke up soo soar.. I haven’t used any other muscle besides my legs in a really long time. So, if I am getting fat. Don’t worry I will have soo much time to be skinny when I come home! lol At night, we got to go to a member’s house, where Tássi (a member from Portão) came to visit me as a surprise! She is soo special! We got to go on tradeoffs with her and we really got a lot accomplished this week! She is soo special!
The rest of my week, you could tell through the pics it was super good! Lol So, that is already self explanatory! lol 
I got to give a talk this past Sunday! I just kind of bore my testimony, usually that lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes. How can you bare a testimony about the TRUE gospel of Jesus Christ in less than 5 minutes? You just can’t! Lol So, I talked a lot about why I decided to serve a mission. And trust me the decision was not an easy one. And now being here, I am learning ton of more reasons to stay. But, staying is also not too easy. Hearing the lives of soo many people moving on is probably the hardest thing. But, I really am not missing out on anything. This experience is the Best experience of my life. And I know that I will NEVER have this opportunity again. Maybe I will have some opportunities similar. But, never this one. So, I was reading a talk given by Gordon B. Hinckley in 1995. A year after I was born. He said that "A TON of women are serving missions today, not because they don’t have anyone to marry, or because they don’t know what to do with school or with their lives, but because they want to give back just a little piece of sacrifice that The Lord made". And that is probably the biggest reason. Don´t get me wrong, I truly believe that some women have a calling to be married and sealed in the temple at a young age. Each women or person is different. Like my mom. She didn’t have a chance to serve a mission as a missionary. But, she got the chance to serve her mission as a mom. And she is truly the biggest example to me. I am now realizing how many sacrifices she made in my life to get me to be who I am today. She didn’t have the training that I am getting right now. She just had to learn the hard way. And boy did she learn. I know I am not perfect, but I also know that I would not be here helping these people in Brasil without her help. And not only her help through her words, but through her example! I love you soo soo much mommy! Thank you for putting up with me! So, I ended my talk inviting anyone that has a desire to serve a mission, MUST serve a mission. If the feeling is there, it’s because the spirit is telling you that you need to go! The blessing of a mission will never stop. And the blessing of Repentance will never cease to exist. It’s our own self desire that needs to change. I promise that serving a mission is NEVER a wrong decision and that you will be blessed because of your decision. Maybe you won’t see the blessing right away. But you WILL be blessed. Any age is the right age!

So, my talk was about that more or less. And I almost cried! Can you believe that! lol But, I wanted each of you to know that I love each and every one of you with all of my heart! I miss you with a cherry on top! And I am soo sorry that you all are missing out! lol But, I will fill you all in each week! lol Love you!

Sempre com amor,

             Sister Taylor

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