Monday, January 5, 2015



Happy Birthday Hunter Michael Taylor! I know you just had a Birthday! And I am sorry I missed it! But I love you soo soo much! 


Okay, so this week was super amazing and super depressing at the same time! We have been having a little trouble getting members to leave with us on our lessons! But, this week we had more lessons with members than I have ever had on my mission! We got to talk to the Ward Mission Leader and he is soo helpful! He has some really good ideas to get the members involved in the missionary work! One thing that I wanted to ask you guys to do is to go out with the missionaries! I always thought that only teenagers or people going on missions needed to help the missionaries. But that not true. They need every type of person. Maybe only your conversion story can help someone. Maybe just helping them for an hour would make a difference in their work! And if you literally can’t give them an hour of your time or 30 minutes because of work or family or whatever it may be.  A reference is always another option!  They don’t have to mention your name or anything! But, you would be helping a family be sealed for eternity just by inviting the missionaries to see them! That would be an eternal difference! I love you all soo much! I know you are all doing your best. But, now that I get a little taste of the mission life I know how important it is to hear the testimony of a member and how much of a difference it really would make!


We had 2 baptisms this week, But on Sunday when we went to pick them up and walk with them, neither one was home. I really got to see how hard Satan really works. His concentration is on families. Not a person but a family. Sometimes we think that he is only working on us. But, think about it, if he gets just one member of the family to turn inactive or to completely turn away. That doesn’t only affect one person. It affects the entire family. And little by little he will end up destroying generations of God´s sprit children. I want to bare my testimony that I know Satan is our brother. He knows each and every one of us individually and personally. That is why he knows exactly how to make us turn away from the gospel. It will never be, one day you wake up and you turned away from the church. But, it’s always little by little. He knows me. He knows how to trick me. He knows how to make me suffer until I can’t handle it anymore. But, there is a way out. There is someone who can give us soo much power. That Satan won’t even be able to come near me. And that is God. God also knows each and every one of us individually and personally. He knows exactly how to keep us from Turing away. He knows me too. He helps me recognize Satan’s tricks and He is ALWAYS there to help me through my suffering. He is our Father in Heaven. And He is the only way that we can escape Satan’s path. He is the light that fills the tunnel! And He is true happiness! Don´t ever think that you are alone! I know in every moment of our life God can be with us, right by our side. But, that is only if WE CHOOSE to have him there. It’s our choice! There is no path in between Satan’s and God´s. Let’s remember to chose wisely! I love you all soo soo much! I am soo grateful for the path that each one of you has chosen. I am soo grateful to have such loving parents. And I am soo grateful for each friend that is in my life and for each member of my family! The ones I have now like my parents and brothers and new Sister, my niece, my grandparents, my aunts and uncles and cousins. And I am soo grateful for the members that will come here shortly! New nieces and nephews. My new Sister and many more cousins to come! I love you all soo soo much! Have an amazing week! 


Sempre com amor,

                 Sister Taylor

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