Tuesday, January 13, 2015


So, this Pday was probably one of the best one´s of my mission! Lol If you haven´t already noticed, I LOVE this area! We got to climb these hills, or mountains, whatever you wanna call it! It was soo exhausting, but it was soo fun! I loved it! My companion is super sweet! 


So, this week we got to travel a lot... our area is farther than any other area in our zone. We have to take a 2 and a half hour bus ride to get to our district meeting each week... I really don´t like buses. These buses are actually super nice and comfortable, but if you know me then you know that I get super sick in any car! Lol I really like walking! I know that sounds weird because I walk soo much every day, but I really do love walking! lol So, we had to take a bus to another city this week for our zone meeting! How great... Well, we had to take a 2 hour bus ride to Capão da canoa and stay the night with the sisters there. Then wake up at 4am and take another bus for about and our to arrive at our zone meeting in Tramandaí. It was super exhausting and cut in to our work this week. We went almost a full day without teaching anyone just because of all the buses... lol But, that’s okay because our Zone meeting was really good! And talked a lot about obedience! 


So, our house here in Torres is super tiny! But, it´s everything we need! But, one night this week we got super tired of the same thing every day and we completely changed everything! Now our house just feels bigger! It´s really an apartment with one bedroom and one bath. But, it´s super easy to keep clean! We are thinking about painting the walls. The paint looks like it´s falling off of the wall... THE HORROR! I am soo going to decorate this house in the cheapest way possible! We found some old material in our house that we are gonna use to make picture frames! I think by the time we finish this place we will be transferred! But, that´s okay! Who says a missionary’s house has to be ugly?! lol


Okay, so this week we got to work in another city that´s about an hour away on the bus. But, it was totally worth it! We met an irmã from the church that has lived in that city for 20 years and never found the church there and became inactive. She was soo happy to know that there is one soo close to her... well an hour away... but still! She plays piano and our branch has been searching and searching for someone that knows how to play! We found someone! I really wish I knew how to play! It´s my goal for 2015! Let´s see how that one goes! And we got to visit a lady who was taught by the Elders, but said that they never returned (transfers). But, they should have put her in the area book! That´s okay because we found her! She was super active in the church and even had a date for baptism! We are helping her with a new date! She said she loves the church! She has her whole family living with her that she can help too! It was a super great week!


On Sunday I had to give a talk by surprise! But, Saturday night I got a huge feeling that I would be giving a talk the next day so I was prepared! I talked about an article that is in the January Liahona called "Why Christ is important in my life"! I attached it if yall wanna read it! This talk is soo amazing. And I was really able to think about what Christ means to me. I hope you get a chance to read about it! 


Well, I better finish this letter up! I just wanted all of you to know how grateful I am for my Savior. I know that He lives and loves us. I know that He CHOSE to die for us. And I know that he is with us, at every step of the way!


Sempre com amor,
             Sister Kari Taylor

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