Monday, January 12, 2015


So, today is our first Pday and my new area is on the beach! I am sooo excited to be soo close to the beach. But, at the same time it´s terrible because I really want to go surfing... but, that´s okay! lol


So, this area is called Torres! It´s a big tourist city! So, there are lots to do here! BUT, the only problem is that it´s one of the hardest areas in the mission. The members here are super great! They love the sisters. But, the branch is really small and most of the apartments and houses here are rented out to people visiting. But, I know that there will be people waiting for us. We just have to work really hard to find them!


So, my new companion is Sister Ayala! Mom, you have to talk to her mom! She has been to the US tons of times and her mom is engaged to an American. Her mom is a judge there in Ecuador. But, she speaks English really well. And my companion is soo nice! Seriously, it´s only been a week and she´s probably my favorite companion so far! Lol She will definitely come visit me when she ends her mission! But, she only has 5 months in the field! She works super hard and is really calm about everything. I really needed someone like her. She likes the same type of music as me and she wants to learn more English! And she said she would help me with my Spanish! Let´s see how that goes!


So, there are tons of members here that like to surf! And we have a lot in common! So, I have learned so many new words here in torres! Words about the ocean and the animals in the ocean! I will take tons of pictures today to show you guys! We are going to eat on the beach and play volleyball! I am super excited! 


Oh, something I wanted your help with is getting some information about our family! I think the best way to do that is to get there membership numbers! If I have those, everything would be super easy! I thought a lot about Grandma Ave and if she may have entered some things on! If she has, I have a ton of information that I have already done. I even put pictures of everyone! Lol So tell here to go and check it out! There were also tons of information that I didn´t have like complete names of my great grandparents and their birthdays! But if she enters in then she can fill those in! It´s super addicting to get onto Family Search. And it´s something our mission president has asked us to do!


I love all of you soo much! Have a great week!


Sempre com amor,

            Sister Taylor!

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