Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Conference!


Hayy everyone! I will be sending pic in just a minute! 


So this week was really great and really fun! Mom I had a lady make me a dress! The material was like R$10 on sale which is like US$5! And the lady that did it makes dresses for like R$35 which is like US$17 So that beautiful dress is one of a kind and was only like 25 bucks!!! Woo hoo! Aren´t you soo proud!


Okay, so this week we got to go to Porte Alegre for Conferência de Natal! We are in Passo Fundo which is the longest city from Porte Alegre. We had to catch a bus at 2am to arrive there on time! So yes, I did not sleep! The bus ride was about 6 hours! So we got to sleep a little, but of course the elders all took pictures... but It was fun! 

So at the conference, each district got to do a spiritual presentation! We had the best idea of course! lol We had some people singing in the front and other people acting out what we were singing! BUT they didn’t behind a white blanket with a light so it was only their shadows! Yup, we made people cry! Lol It was super cool! Other people sang and acted and lots of cool things! We all got to eat together! They had Caesar salad! The first time I´ve seen that in Brazil! And cupcakes for dessert! It was soo delicious! At the end, we got to see pictures from this year! There are soo many funny pictures! Lol 


Our mission President and his wife gave us a book mark as a present! It is soo beautiful! I will be sure to send a picture! Ohh and I may or may not have put highlights in my hair... I’m blonde again! Blondes have more fun anyway! Lol


Anyways I want to get these pictures off to you guys so I will cut the email short! But I wanted to tell you all about this new thing that the church is doing this year called 'He is the present" I think that’s how it’s called in English! Lol But the video is sooo beautiful! You guys should all watch it and post it on facebook and stuff! We got to let everyone know about the biggest present in the world!!!


I love you all with all of my heart! 


Sempre com amor,

               Sister Taylor!

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