Monday, March 30, 2015


Heyy guys!

First of all, thank you soo much for the package mom! I loved all of the stuff from Bath and Body works! I´ll come home smelling super good! All of the irmãs here LOVE my smelly hand santizer! Lol And I loved the chocolate! I already ate all of it...I miss peppermint patties! It was a nice treat! Even though Christmas already passed, it was super nice to get a package! Thank you soo much for the new Diary and Agenda! They are soo pretty! I loved the blue too!

Did you guys ever get the package that I sent home?! I have been waiting to hear if you have received it yet!!

Okay, so this week we worked super hard! We don´t have tons of pictures because we didn´t have our cameras on us at the right moment! But, maybe this week there will be more! We had to do a ton of traveling this week! We had to do tradeoffs with the Sister Leader Trainers and I had to ride on the bus for about 10 hours total this week...I got super sick on the bus, but I just went to sleep and it all passed. Thanks for teaching me mom!

So, I want to know how everything is at home! How are the wedding plans with Chris and Jodee, how is Grant and Brittany’s marriage?! Any exciting news about the grandparents! Have Aunt Gabi and Uncle Kevin decided to move up to St. Augustine yet?! lol How are Adam and Aizy?! Oh, and of course mom and dad! How is the business? And Uncle Dale and Aunt Patti! How are they! It´s been soo long!


So, we met a family this week that was a reference from a member passing through our city. He said it was the only green house on the street. We tried to go there on day, but there were TONS of people and when we called them they said they weren’t even in their house... So, we were a little confused and thought they weren´t telling the truth. But, they asked us to come back on Thursday. Well, that was the day I went to another city. And Sister Ayala got to go there. She said that the house we went to was the wrong house and that their house is blue, but he told us green. Lol So, she got to teach them and they all accepted a date for baptism. They are soo special! I really wanted to get to meet them! But, I know I will get too soon! So, I definitely learned how many mistakes we can make throughout our day. We almost didn´t return because we thought they were lying, which really does happen, but we judged them without knowing them. I think that was the worst part.  I know how important it is to NOT judge someone before you get to know them. And how much more important it is to NOT judge someone after you know them. We really got a smack in the face when we realized how special this family is. I am learning how to be better every single day on my mission. I know that I am not perfect and I´ve got a long way to go. But, imagine how much longer that 'way' would be if I stopped progressing. It´s important to make mistakes so that we can learn from them. I love each and every one of you! And I hope you all are making mistakes. I hope that made sense! lol


Sempre com amor,

           Sister Kari Taylor


P.s. Tell me when you get my package!

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