Monday, March 30, 2015


This week I learned a lot about the important of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.


We had a ton of discouraging moments this week. Lots of times it’s hard for people open their door for strangers. Or to move their way of living. But, I know that with those hard moments, not just on the mission, Christ knows how we feel. He knows exactly what we are thinking and feeling. Anytime we are sick, He knows. Anytime we are sad, He knows. Anytime, we feel like giving up, He knows. 

Our Savior had the choice to sacrifice himself for us. Did He know it wouldn´t be easy? Yes. Did He do it anyway? Yes. When He was tortured, and spit at, and yelled at, was that easy? When He bled from every poor of His body, was that easy? Is life ever easy? Was His life ever easy? No. When his body was nailed into the cross, do you think He could turn back? Do you think He could say, "I think I´m too tired to do this" or "I think I just want to sit down and relax for a minute". The Savior, made the greatest sacrifice of all. And He endured it. Until the end.

When those moments come of not wanting to wake up for church. Or thinking that you can´t give the missionaries dinner. Or that you´ve already done so much, one day without studying the scriptures won´t hurt; remember our Savior. What if that one day was the day he was to be crucified and He just stayed home instead. Where would we all be? Would we all even have a chance in this life without him? No.

I learned how much of a sacrifice my Savior really made. How much does He love us? How much does He want us to return to Him? If we don´t repent, if we don´t try to be better each day, we are showing our Savior that He suffered for nothing. How do you think that would feel for Him? How do you think you would feel? I love my Savior. I love those moments that I don´t do everything perfectly, because I know how happy my Savior is to see me repent and get up and try again. 

For parents it´s like watching their kids try and ride a bike. When your kid falls, do you want to see them give up and never try again? No. You want to see them get up and try over and over and over again until they get it right! Maybe, they´ll gain a bruise or a scar. But, it´s part of the process!

I attached this talk to the email! It is SUPER good! I hope you all know how much I love you! My testimony for this gospel has grown soo much. It is PERFECT. I love you all soo much|! Have an amazing week!

Sempre com amor,

             Sister Kari Taylor

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