Monday, March 30, 2015


This week has been a really amazing week! So many things happened!


We are doing a church activity focused on missionary work called Gincana! There are teams within the ward that get to help out with the activities and win points! If they help with missionary work, they gain more points! It´s really working! There are soo many people here that are willing to help!


We also got to teach an ETERNAL INVESTIGATOR! We call these people the ones that know everything about the church, they act like members, they go to church, and they just aren’t baptized! Well, guess what! He was baptized this past Sunday! His name is Carlos! He has some family problems. His x-girlfriend doesn´t like religion and they got separated, but they have 3 kids. He told us that he tried to save their "marriage" soo  many times but it hasn’t worked out. There are pages and pages in our Area Book about him and his family! We decided to visit Him and just talk. In the end HE ended up asking to be baptized! So, we helped him fulfill his decision! lol He is super sweet and wants the best for his kids! I really do know that he made the best decision!


So, something interesting that I have learned this week is how the Lord blesses us in ways that we don’t recognize! On Sunday we wanted to complete something on the mission called an "Excellent Week". Well that means we needed 3 people investigating the church on Sunday. We had 3 but in the middle of the meeting someone told us that one of our "investigators" is already a member! We asked him and he said he is and thought it was another church! He wants to reactivate in the church which is good. But, that means we didn’t meet our goal. So, we got a little nervous and stressed out. We went out looking for more people we could pick up and bring to church! We went to about 20 houses and no one was home, or had other things to do. So, we ended up remembering a teenager that we met on the street and when we got there he was there just waiting to go to church. He and his little brother ended up going. So we already had 4 people. When we got there another investigator showed up. So we ended up having 5 people investigating at church on Sunday. It was seriously the greatest blessing! Not just for us! But for them too!


Today I got to study about preparing to go to the temple! It really worked out because we actually get to go to the temple today! Yay! So, I attached an article that was referenced in what I studied! I hope you guys take a minute to study it!! I love each one of you soo soo much! I hope you have an amazing week!

Can someone give me Andrew's email address! (Andrew my cousin)


Sempre com amor, 

          Sister Kari Taylor

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