Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Heyy y´all!


For those of you that I just added today, Every week I like to send a big email so everyone knows what I am doing here in Porto Alegre, Brasil! 


This week was super great! We got to eat a whole lot of cake! lol Sister Ropke arrived home in Recife safely! And I wasn´t transferred! YAY! I love this area! Sister J. Ribeiro is still my companion! She is soo great! This week arrived 2 new sisters in our area! Sister Cook from Virginia. And Sister Trentino, (that looks like an American) from Matto Grosso, Brasil. They are sooo sweet! I seriously love living here!


So, I am almost positive that I already talked about someone that is getting to know the Church, called Jefferson. He has a spirit really strong. He is 43 years old and doesn’t have ANY family. 2 years ago he was attacked and was shot 7 times. This attack put him in a wheel chair. He has been suffering to try and get used to the fact that he is in a wheel chair, but it´s really hard. We found him on the street and asked if we could share our message. He accepted with a HUGE smile on his face. That doesn´t happen every day! Well, he has a really big past. He has lived a lot of things. He doesn’t want to remember his life before. He wants to start over. We helped him stop smoking. He was a BIG smoker! lol But, he stopped! And this week he decided to make the best decision of his life and be baptized. He told us that he was looking for a new start. And the spirit he felt at his baptism let him know that Our father in Heaven really does love HIM. I started thinking about my baptism. I knew my baptism (when I was 8) wasn´t just a fun party. But, it was a way to covenant with my Father in Heaven that I truly do want to return to his prescience. That´s what we are doing here. That does NOT mean that every day will be perfect. I committed tons of errors after my baptism. But, every time I fell down, he helped me back up. Jefferson told me that he knows he won’t be perfect, but because of that decision to be baptized, he has a way to repent and try and be better each day. I LOVE the testimony of people recently converted! I wanted to invite each one of you to do a favor for me! I am needing some help with some other people who aren´t sure if baptizing is the right choice. I wanted to ask each one of you to write me a small email about your conversion or about your baptism! I KNOW that just one small email will be able to change someone’s life. And I will be able to email back about the miracle that happened! 


Another thing that I noticed is that a lot of people in this area don´t believe in God. I found a talk in the Liahonna about how we need to be testimonies at every moment! In words and actions! I wanted to attach the article for you guys to read! It is SOOO GOOD! lol I know that the enemy works really hard, but there is no way he will ever compare to the power of our testimonies! I love each one of you soo very much! I hope you have an amazing week! 


Sempre com amor,

             Sister Kari Taylor


P.S. I attached the Audio if you want to just listen and the article if you want to read it!

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