Monday, March 30, 2015

Hayy everyone!


This week was super great week! We helped our investigator be baptized! Her name is Daniella! She is super great! She is the one we got to teach on temple grounds! Well, we got a notice that we probably shouldn´t do that! I´m not sure why! I think it’s a temple rule! But, anyways she was baptized this week! She was soo excited!


So, first I want to tell you guys about the activity we had this week! I will send pics here soon! But, we had an American night! It was soo fun! I made pancakes with maple syrup! Yup.. I had to make the maple syrup! It´s not anything close to Aunt Jamima! BUT, no one knows the difference right? lol Anyways, it turned out super great! There were tons of people! Lol There is one Brother Larry here that served a mission in the united states and he brought a cowboy hat! lol It was soo cool! 


So, we met a few new people that I wanted to write about. A young man names Gustavo 15 years old, his little brother Douglas 8 years old, and their mom Elisangela. They have been to church 2 times now and they love it! They always ask if they can stay and watch the baptism! Their mom hasn’t been to church yet but she loves us! She thinks they will learn better things at church than with other kids doing drugs on the street! She soo right! lol So, we met there step dad that said he didn’t want to hear our message, but that Gustavo needed our message! Anyways, we started to teach them and this week, their step dad started listening to our message! HOW COOL! He told us that he wants to go to church this week!! I am soo excited!


Another person is Jefferson! He took a gunshot to the stomach 2 years ago and is know in a wheel chair. He has a faith really strong! He loves going to church! I love how the members here are helping! They always help him up the stairs and pick him up every Sunday by car. He is growing soo much! I am soo grateful for this area and the people that the Lord has prepared to learn the gospel!


So, the last thing I wanted to write about is for the woman in this email! But, I wanted the men to read this too so I didn´t make a separate email! I have attached an article from the March 2015 Liahona! I LOVE this article! It talks about the importance of Women ( mulher in portuguese)! This article talks about the Samaritan Woman ( my favorite part) She talked with the savior and little by little she gained a testimony that He truly was the savior! The minute she discovered it, she ran and told everyone she knew! Her faith was soo strong that she couldn´t keep it to herself! I wanted to write the woman here about my mission. Yes, I chose to serve a mission and sometimes our missions are different. But, the purpose is all the same! We are here to change and grown and become better each day! If we are constantly studying the scriptures and baring our testimony, He promises that we will have a place in His kingdom! We don´t NEED a nametag to be able to bare our testimony. We need Faith! I wanted to invite each one of you woman here today to recognize your purpose! Make a goal to bare your testimony at least once a day to someone you meet, someone you know, or someone that you don´t know! By doing this, you will see MIRACLES happen in your life and within your family! Our Savior is counting on us to make a difference! I love you all soo soo much! 


Sempre com amor,

           Sister Taylor!

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