Monday, March 30, 2015


Hi everyone! (Hayy y´all)

This week was a really great week! We found an old box in our apartment that was full of Old Investigators! Now we went to almost 50 addresses this week and met a ton of new people! I know that if we put our trust in The Lord He will ALWAYS give us blessings!! 

So, we got to go to this place called Monkey Hill! And yupp there are real monkeys there! I know how jealous Chris is right now! And Grant they look just like the monkey that Ross has on "Just Friends". So, you can go there and feed them bananas and they come right up to you! Like really close! It was soo cool! I will send some pictures, but don´t make fun of my clothes! The pants are called Bombacha´s! It´s a type of pant that people who have lived their whole lives here use! lol Of course I bought some! Okay, so there is soo much to do at this place! If we ever come to visit as a family then this would be the place I would take you guys! There is a HUGE lake that doesn´t have alligators! Yup, those don´t exist here! How cule! You can do paddle boarding and jet skiing and stuff like that! And there is a trail that you can walk on too! But, the best part is definitely the monkeys! lol I´ve never seen a real monkey in my life. Like in person! It was really cool!!

And, I have decided to start learning piano! Sister Ayala knows a little bit about playing piano, but she learning too and we are helping each other! I will try to send a video next week! I´m not very good, but I´m trying! Lol 

Sorry if this email was super short! I love you all soo soo much!!

And our pictures are sending!! But, I will try and use another computer later today! I love you all soo much!

Always remember that He sees the bigger picture! In those hard moments, He is just testing us to see if we are ready to receive the bigger blessings The Lord has for us. Don´t give in because there really is someone who knows you better than you do!


Sempre com amor,

           Sister Kari Taylor

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