Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Heyy everyone!


This week was soo great! We were soo focused on our work! We had soo many members willing to help us this week! I was thinking a lot this week about what type of member I want to be when the time comes that my mission ends. I thought a lot this week about how much more difficult this week would have been had we not had the help of members!
We had the chance to baptize 2 young men named Gustavo, 15 yrs, and Douglas, 8yrs! They are super great! They arrived at this ward and didn’t know ANYONE. When they got there, the Primary really took Douglas in. He was reading, singing, and really participating in the activities. And with Gustavo, the other young men didn’t even think for a second before inviting him to sit with them. He told on his first Sunday at church that he was invited to play soccer during the week with them. I am soo grateful for the courage these young men have to open their mouths and help their brothers!
Nathalia was another young girl , 14yrs, the girls here are soo great! They treated her like she was already a member! They invited her to the activities and they helped her every time she didn’t know the meaning of something! Without their help She would NOT have decided to be baptized.
Ana Kelli, 23 years old, has 2 daughters that LOVE the Primary! A lot of times it´s through the children that the adults gain their testimony! If the primary didn’t help them feel comfortable and loved, I KNOW that they wouldn´t have asked their mom to come back! But, they did! They started to wake her up just to come to church on Sunday. I am soo grateful for these members here in Porto Alegre. This ward is called Chácara das Pedras! I LOVE every second of being here! 

I wanted to invite each one of you to do something new. If you are a member of the church then the invite is to get to know someone you don’t already know in the church. I know these wards are HUGE! There is no way that every single person knows every person! But, know that we can get to know them!

If you aren’t a member, get to know someone that is a member! Not just to join the church or to be converted! But to really know what The Mormons believe! I know that we can help our brothers and Sisters !I know that we all have the same Father in Heaven. He wants us united!

I attached a really good talk about all of this! I hope you guys have time to read it!!


Sempre com amor,

            Sister Kari Taylor!

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