Monday, March 30, 2015


Hayy everyone!


This week has been super busy! And it went by soo fast! On Tuesday we got to go to this AMAZING temple that we have in our area in Porto Alegre! It is soo pretty! I actually went in a session and guess who I met up with! My Ward Mission Leader from Tórres, you know the city on the beach! Well, it was super fun to be able to see them again!
I also met and American couple serving a mission in the Temple! They are soo sweet! We have 3 groups of married missionaries! Idk if that made sense! But, there is one that will call mom! She wants to know my favorite cookie so she can make it! How cute! I love macadamia nut! But, I told her I like snicker doodle! lol Either way... COOKIES!
Okay, so I received a new companion this week! I´m not sure why lol, but she is soo sweet! She is Brazilian and from Baía! It´s in the north part of brazil!
Okay, so last week I had a really cool experience with a lady that my companion started talking to. I was talking with another person so I only caught the end of the conversation. I got to say a prayer to bless her day. When I ended she started crying and said that I asked for all of the things that she had been praying for. I didn´t even know her or know what she was needing! But, I am soo glad I got to help. Well, this week we went to her house to teach her the Restoration. When I was explaining about Joseph Smith´s vision, I got the goose bumps, just like I always got when I started my mission. Sometimes it´s hard to feel the same spirit every time we teach this lesson because we teach it sooo many times! But, I felt the spirit super strong. And when I finished Daniella (the lady) told me that she had the goose bumps the whole time. She said that she had been looking for answers to all of these questions. We plan to teach her on the grass of the Temple! That´ll be soo cool!
So, this next week we are going to have our mission conference! I am soo excited to here our mission president! I am soo sad that he is leaving us soon. He will leave at the end of June! The next president is Brazilian! I will only have 3 weeks with him, but I know it will be super fun!
So, the talk that I wanted to leave with you guys this week is attached on the email!

 I love you all soo soo much! I hope you have a wonderful week! 

Sempre com amor,

                Sister Kari Taylor

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