Monday, March 30, 2015

I am soo bummed that this transfer went by soo fast. I just now realized that I only have 4 more transfers after this one.. The time is going by wayy too fast!
Okay, so first of all I wanted to say CONGRATS to my brother Chris and my new sister Jodee on their temple sealing this past weekend! I am soo happy for them! And soo excited for a new sister!!
AND CONGRATS TO MY COUSIN VICTORIA for getting engaged to a man who makes her sooo happy! I am sooo soo happy for you two! I cannot wait to personally meet him! All I know is that he better make you happy or he´ll suffer the pain of the Sizzlin´s! lol 
Okay, So this week was a really great week! It is super hot here!! Like 45 degrees Celsius. Idk how hot that is in Fahrenheit. I just know that it´s super hot! But, this week we had a day that we had to use jackets because it was soo cold! We walked about 2 hours in the cold rain to get to a new neighborhood and contact a reference... BUT, the house didn’t exist... we broke 2 umbrellas because of the wind... but it was definitely an experience I will never forget. On that same day I ripped my skirt... a bus passed us and Sister Ayala got soaked with mud and had to change her skirt at a bus stop behind an umbrella! BUT, just when we felt like quitting, we got up and went knocking doors. We met a woman named Adriane. She we shared a card that talked about the book of Mormon. She immediately started crying.. I didn´t know what to do.. I looked at my companion and she said she didn´t know what was happening. Adriane said that she was looking for answers about her sister who recently died of cancer. And that she knew we had the answer because of this book. We felt the spirit soo strongly. And marked another appointment this week. On that same day, we met a woman named Brenda. She said that she is suffering from depression. But, that she knew two angels would appear to her and help her overcome this difficulty. When you look at Brenda, it looks like she is the happiest person in the world. And she said she couldn´t stop smiling because of the answer she had just received! I know how easy it is to quit when things are hard. And how easy it is to just take a break for 2 minutes from the gospel, or from the work of the Lord. But, in the 2 minutes soo much can happen. We could miss opportunities to grow, to be better, or even worse, we could allow Satan to come into our lives. The blessing we have is that in the moments of pain. We can repent. We have a way out. We have a way to be better! I read an article this week in the Liahonna! I will attach it to this email! It talks a lot about an experience that I personally had this week. How we should treat others when they treat us badly. I never yelled at anyone on the mission. But, sometimes I get frustrated with rude people and I have really bad feelings towards them. This is wrong. But, there is a way out. I can apologizes to them and look at the experience as a chance to grow! I love you all with all of my heart! I am soo grateful for the example that each one of you has set for me! I will forever be grateful for that! Have an amazing week! I hope it´s full of tons of experiences!!

Sempre com amor,
              Sister Kari Taylor

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